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Marcus von Rittberg was born in Spain and grew up in Germany where he began studying piano at a young age. His passion for composition and production brought him to the US where he earned his degree in 'Music Production & Audio Engineering' at the 'Institute of Production & Recording' (Minneapolis) in 2006. 

In 2007 Marcus moved to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. He got heavily involved in teaching piano and music classes in the local community, focusing on those families, schools and kindergartens that struggled to allocate funds for the arts. Most of his audio engineering clients were local hip-hop artists. In 2009 Marcus self-released the concept albums 'Lyrical Pieces''A Night Out' and 'Revolution of Love' under the pseudonym 'Master of Con?usion', leading to various licensing opportunities.


During the following years he started performing in NYC while continuously writing and recording new material. In 2015 Marcus released 'Growing Younger', his latest self-produced release and first album using his given name. Shortly after, he relocated to Los Angeles where he continues to perform, compose, produce, engineer and teach.


As a singer-songwriter, Marcus draws from many genres. His melodic and harmonic progressions reveal Marcus’ love for jazz, Latin and classical music. The rhythmical elements in his productions expose Marcus’ passion for electronic and hip-hop music. He casually weaves together diverse musical elements, bringing forth a very eclectic yet catchy style of music. As a producer, Marcus paints from a wide palette of acoustic and electronic sounds that complement his heartfelt love songs, observant narratives and satirical social commentaries. 






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